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I was born in Sweden and I spent 1 year in Tanzania and another 4 years of my childhood in Ethiopia. Now days I live in Sweden and fight the winter and rainy summers every year... I make my living by working as a Technical Sales Rep. (PreSales) with in the IT industry.

Happy feet

After a nice breakfast and a two hour paddle tour 😃 Advertisements

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Finally on holiday

After a 5 hours and 30 minutes flight we land on an island which I believe should be on the list of “Paradise”. The driver meets us at the airport and takes us to this wonderful boutique resort. The staff … Continue reading

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So different but still the same.

Time to hit the road again and spend a couple of days abroad. As usual it starts with a flight and itsfun how different it can be even with the same airliner. Last week I was on an A380: Today … Continue reading

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A day of sun and some fun

Just got myself a SUP and it’s so much fun. The Red Paddle Sport 2017 model is a great board. Inflatable but very stable.  A day at the beach and lots of sun, perfect to recharge and fill myself with … Continue reading

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Free rides

The other day I was looking at the camera of the air plane, which I usually do. And the A380 has the camera mounted on the tail so you can see the aircraft which is in my opinion so cool … Continue reading

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I know this is nothing new but isn’t it amazing that while enjoying the fantastic service onboard an Emirates flight on one of their “few” A380’s you browse the internet, listen to Spotify (without even having to plan for offline … Continue reading

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Not much sun awaits…

Off on a trip to the beautiful city of Vienna this time. Guess it’s the wrong time of the year to expect warm and sunny weather…forecast: Lucky I brought my jacket 😃

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