Finally on holiday

After a 5 hours and 30 minutes flight we land on an island which I believe should be on the list of “Paradise”.

The driver meets us at the airport and takes us to this wonderful boutique resort. The staff greets us at arrival and gets us all settled.

After having a great meal for lunch, guess what was on our plate 😃

A rest in the summer chair and then the SUP had to get sorted.

Took it for a few runs and what an amazing place. The beaches are almost empty and you would almost believe you are alone.

Now time for dinner at the wonderful restaurant overlooking the sea. It is so nicely decorated.


About SunSeeker

I was born in Sweden and I spent 1 year in Tanzania and another 4 years of my childhood in Ethiopia. Now days I live in Sweden and fight the winter and rainy summers every year... I make my living by working as a Technical Sales Rep. (PreSales) with in the IT industry.
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