So different but still the same.

Time to hit the road again and spend a couple of days abroad. As usual it starts with a flight and itsfun how different it can be even with the same airliner. Last week I was on an A380:

Today on an older B777-300:

But hey, it could be a lot worse with no screen and broken seats and dirty and broken carpets. Have to go back into the archives and find a picture I took on a Wizz Air flight once 😃 haha that was funny.

Well, another work related trip so not much to write home about.


About SunSeeker

I was born in Sweden and I spent 1 year in Tanzania and another 4 years of my childhood in Ethiopia. Now days I live in Sweden and fight the winter and rainy summers every year... I make my living by working as a Technical Sales Rep. (PreSales) with in the IT industry.
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